Judge Orders Arrest Of County Clerk

(PatrioticPost.com)- Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters were indicted on accusations of tampering with voting machine technology and disqualified from running for the 2022 elections.

Peters allegedly violated the terms of her release by flying to Las Vegas without notifying the court and obtaining authorization. The judge also revoked her bail.

“Reviewing the People’s Verified Motion to Revoke Bond, I find adequate grounds to approve it. A no-bail warrant is issued for the defendant’s arrest awaiting a hearing on the motion,” Mesa County District Court Judge Matthew David Barrett wrote on Thursday.

The county’s district attorney, Dan Rubinstein, demanded Peters’ bond revocation Monday. He said Peters submitted a letter to the Colorado secretary of state that was notarized in Nevada demanding a recount of the Republican primary for secretary of state. This revealed she traveled out of state without court clearance, the district attorney claimed.

Peters was in Las Vegas for a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association convention Tuesday, Rubinstein said, noting that she had been allowed some freedom to travel while running for Colorado secretary of state. Peters lost her campaign for the Republican nomination last month.

“Ms. Peters lost the election and is no longer a candidate. People feel Ms. Peters should be treated like other criminal offenders on bail,” Rubinstein stated. “Her travels before the election show she has the resources to depart if she wishes.”

Barrett also restricted Peters from traveling without court clearance until the situation was addressed. Her $25,000 cash bond has been canceled, and she’s been put in jail pending a hearing.

Peters texted a reporter for KRDO, saying she submitted her schedule to her counsel as per a judge’s order to appear at a Constitutional Sherriffs conference in Las Vegas yesterday. She said this is a horrible retaliation action by the DA because she called him out for releasing a man on probation with 26 lbs of fentanyl, enough to kill millions of people.

Peters was charged in March with ten misdemeanor and felony charges relating to an election security breach. Peters reportedly had a consultant produce an illegal duplicate of the vote-counting equipment hard disk last year. Information such as passwords and documents from Dominion Voting Systems machines leaked online, and officials tracked it to Mesa County.

She has maintained her innocence and stated the allegations against her are politically motivated. Peters has garnered infamy for pushing electoral fraud theories.