Judge Jeanine Reveals What Really Happened In Hunter Biden’s Past

(PatrioticPost.com)- Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro recently delved deep into the history of Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of President Joe Biden, during a four-part series titled “Who Is Hunter Biden?”

The series explores the many scandals that Hunter Biden and his family have been involved in over the last decade or so but starts off by telling the tragic story of his mother passing away when he was just two years old. His mother died in a car crash that ultimately took the life of his younger sister, too. Hunter and his brother, Beau Biden, survived the crash.

Pirro explained how Hunter once said his first memory is lying in a hospital next to his brother after the accident that took place in 1972.

“The both of them were in the hospital, holding each other’s hands saying, “I love you.”

She noted how the loss of his sister and mother affected Hunter throughout his whole life and revealed how Hunter Biden himself admitted that the early childhood trauma could have contributed to the self-destructive behavior he has exhibited as an adult.

The new series will go well beyond the tragedy and divulge some of the secrets of his unforgiveable foreign business deals that were made during his father’s time as vice president.

In this first episode, Pirro seemed to suggest that Hunter didn’t just feel like he lost his mother, but that he also lost his father because he would rarely see him when he worked in Washington, D.C.

These days, it seems lost Joe Biden is trying to make up for it, having spent roughly one-quarter of his time at home in Delaware.

Watch the video here.