Judge Jackson Serves On Board Of School That Promotes CRT

(PatrioticPost.com)- President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee serves on the board of trustees for an elite private school in Washington that promotes critical race theory.

In her questionnaire for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Jackson said that she has been on the board of trustees for Georgetown Day School for nearly ten years.

Writing for the school’s magazine a year ago, Jackson praised the “transformative power” of the school’s “rigorous progressive education” which she described as being “dedicated to fostering critical thinking, independence, and social justice.”

According to the school’s website, trustees are involved with implementing Georgetown Day School’s “anti-racism action plan.”

Among the school’s recommended “anti-racist resources” are books by CRT grifter Ibram X. Kendi, as well as the noted founders of critical race theory, Richard Delgado and Kimberle Crenshaw.

In June 2020, the school’s Instagram account promoted a forum that included Ibram X. Kendi, whom the school described as one of the “mega-stars in the fight for racial equity.”

Georgetown Day School mandates annual “anti-racism education” for its faculty and staff. The school also offers “professional development funds” so faculty and staff can travel to conferences focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Among the conferences the faculty and staff can choose to attend are a “White Privilege Conference” and a “People of Color Conference.”

The White House has argued that Ketanji Jackson Brown’s involvement with the school is a personal activity and not in any way related to her work as a judge.

But even Ketanji Jackson Brown believes that all judges have a “hidden personal agenda.” It would be difficult to divorce her commitment to race-essentialist ideology from her work as a judge.

Jackson acknowledged as much in her questionnaire when she explained that critical race theory is one of the “myriad types of law” she tells her students to factor in for sentencing.

Jackson’s embrace of critical race theory is one of the main reasons the radical leftists in the “equity obsessed” Biden administration chose her as Joe’s nominee to begin with. And the White House is lying if they pretend otherwise.