Judge Holds Trump To His $5M Jury Verdict

According to a report, a federal judge sustained a $5 million jury judgment against Donald Trump, dismissing the former President’s arguments that the amount awarded was exorbitant and that the jury exonerated him by failing to establish that he raped a woman in the changing room of a high-end department shop in the 1990s.

Trump’s attorneys had requested that Kaplan lower the jury judgment to a lesser amount than a million dollars or retry the case for damages. To counter Carroll’s assertion that Trump sexually assaulted her in the spring of 1996 at Bergdorf Goodman’s Manhattan location, the attorneys argued that the sum of compensatory damages awarded by the jury was excessive.

According to Kaplan, the jury supported Carroll whether or not Trump committed rape against her within the confined, technical definition provided by specific parts of the New York Criminal Law.

Reports show early this month, the Justice Department changed its mind and declared Trump might be held personally accountable in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation complaint.

The Department of Justice previously argued that Trump’s comments regarding E. Jean Carroll were shielded by the Westfall Act since he was president at the time.

In response to E. Jean Carroll’s 2019 claim that he assaulted her in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman, Trump has refuted these claims, dubbed E. Jean Carroll a “whack job,” and said she was not his type.

A few weeks after the judgment, Trump slammed E. Jean Carroll in a CNN town hall.

According to Trump, the whole thing was a hoax and a fabrication. He asked

What type of woman proceeds to play hanky-panky with a stranger in a changing room within minutes of meeting the stranger? 

Despite the fact that a jury found that Trump hadn’t raped E. Jean Carroll, she went after him again and demanded fresh hefty damages for his words at the CNN town hall.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, applauded the DOJ’s decision and claimed it was one of the remaining impediments to the newest case going to trial.