Judge Gives Urgent Order Targeting Soros-Linked DA

(PatrioticPost.com)- A Texas District Attorney is to face trial on charges that he has failed to carry out his duties correctly. Nueces County DA Mark Gonzalez is accused of using his office for personal gain, rarely showing up for work, and dismissing more cases than he prosecutes. Judge David Peeples issued the citation against Gonzalez on March 27th in response to a lawsuit filed by Nueces County resident Colby Wiltse, the Texas State Director of the liberty campaign group Citizens Defending Freedom. A representative of the group said, “This is certainly a victory in our efforts to help restore law and order for the citizens of Nueces County.” 

Days after the citation was issued, defense attorney Christopher Gale filed a motion to dismiss the case. Gale argued that the citation was issued on the basis of “vague hearsay and information.” 

Gonzalez has been described as the “most unlikely DA in America” and is said to have links with left-wing Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Prior to taking office, he had never prosecuted a case but had spent his career in criminal defense. He has a tattoo of the words “not guilty” across his chest. According to a feature in Politico, his office is untidy and unkempt and his wall features a painting of the left-wing Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. The article also claims that the Democrat DA is considered by police “to be a registered gang member.”

The complaint against Gonzalez claims that he regularly fails to show up for work – attending the office only around 8 times per month. It also alleges that his failure to prosecute criminals is prompted by his political beliefs. Citizens Defending Freedom states that Gonzalez is part of the Fair and Just Prosecution campaign group, which comes under the umbrella of the Tides Center, a Soros-funded organization that seeks to undermine the US judicial system by refusing to prosecute crimes. He took part in a university lecture alongside fellow attorney Sarah George. George said she was committed to dismantling criminal justice in the US.