JP Morgan Bank Accused Of Helping Epstein

( The U.S. Virgin Islands sued JPMorgan Chase, claiming that the bank made money from Epstein’s human trafficking scheme.

According to reports, JPMorgan is charged with turning a blind eye to suspicious activity that took place from Epstein’s account, according to the lawsuit.

Denise George, the attorney general for the U.S. Virgin Islands, stated in the lawsuit that JPMorgan (JPM) clearly knew it was not complying with federal regulations regarding Epstein-related accounts for over a decade. According to the case, Human trafficking was the main business of the accounts Epstein maintained at JPMorgan.

The lawsuit asserts that JPMorgan committed regulatory filing violations that prevented the government from learning about Epstein’s human trafficking offenses.

Other parties are suing JPMorgan besides the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Reports show two unnamed women who have accused Epstein of human trafficking and abuse are also suing JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank.

Their lawsuit accuses JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank of giving the human trafficking venture special treatment, ensuring its continued operation and the abuse of young women and girls.

According to court documents, J.P. Morgan is charged with providing and operating the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid, which was essential to the operation and cover-up of the Epstein trafficking enterprise. There are allegations that J.P. Morgan enabled and covered up suspicious wire and cash transactions.

The lawsuit claims that despite bank employees raising concerns about the institution’s exposure to risk by continuing to do business with Epstein despite his 2008 conviction for abuses, the bank continued to offer services to him.

The women contend that the banks knowingly assisted Epstein in his effort to traffic women and girls by giving him ready access to resources he could use to find, seduce, coerce, and entice them.

The claims have been refuted by both banks.

Are there any whistleblowers from any of the banks Epstein used?