Joy Reid Foolishly Tries To Link Trump To Ohio Disaster 

( MSNBC’s resident hater of all things right-wing, Joy Reid, blamed former President Trump for the East Palestine deadly chemical disaster because he supposedly (but erroneously) deregulated the rules that led to the accident. 

On Wednesday, Reid played a video of Trump boasting about his administration’s efforts to reduce federal regulations. It was shown when there was much discussion over whether or not lax safety regulations led to the deadly chemical leak when a train derailed in Ohio. 

In response to the Trump video being shown, Reid sneered that Trump clearly did precisely what he claimed he intended to do regarding the train business, as if he intended to have train derailments. 

She said that under Trump, the Department of Transportation had scrapped regulations that mandated better braking systems for trains transporting hazardous chemicals, even though it’s been pointed out many times that the brakes had nothing to do with the catastrophe. 

The ill-informed, often ignorant, often lying Joy Reid said that Trump visited the scene of the crime that he helped create. He sees the deregulated world called Ohio, where residents of East Palestine are afraid to wash their clothes, drink the water, or shower after the toxic train derailment there, she blathered. 

In addition to highlighting Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s planned visit to the region, Reid highlighted the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempts to mitigate the tragedy. 

Meanwhile, the fire was caused by an over-heated train axle and the plastic pellets carried in the car over the axle. As a result, 38 rail cars went off the tracks, and flames broke out in 11 derailed tank cars and 12 non-wrecked vehicles, including five, derailed DOT-105-type tank cars. 

A heat detector near the crash scene detected temperatures that would have triggered an alarm to warn the train crew of impending danger, but two others located farther away did not. 

Brakes, or deregulations, had nothing to do with the fire.