Journalist Carl Bernstein Linked To FBI Operation, Says Tucker Carlson

( According to far-left media, Tucker Carlson claimed that the famous Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who used to work for the Washington Post, took part in an FBI operation to get rid of Richard Nixon.

During a Tuesday monologue, Carlson criticized the media for having a double standard after secret documents were found in Vice President Joe Biden’s office at the University of Pennsylvania. He compared how the Biden story was covered to how the activist left media reacted when it was reported that former President Donald Trump allegedly illegally took classified documents when he left office.

One of the political experts who said slanderous things about Trump in a montage played by the Fox News host was Bernstein. Bernstein said on CNN in August that we have a former president of the United States who has played fast and loose with national security.

According to the report, Carlson said Bernstein was part of a deep state plot during the Nixon administration.

A video was shown of Carlson saying that the funniest part was that Bernstein, who used to work for the Washington Post, actually took part in an FBI operation to get an elected president out of office. He didn’t just guess about it, he wrote about it. Carl Bernstein was there at the time.

Reports show Nixon was removed from office because of what Bernstein and Bob Woodward wrote about him. The 37th president allegedly tried to cover up that his White House was involved in the break-in at the Democrat National Committee in Washington, D.C.’s Watergate Office Building.

Woodward got information from a person who only went by the name “Deep Throat.” Thirty-one years after Nixon left office, former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt publicly said he was the person who gave the information.

The report’s writer was bewildered as to why Carlson alleged that Nixon was the victim of an “FBI operation” in which Bernstein participated.

The mainstream media should be very careful of whom they mock. The so-called conspiracists have been very accurate as of late.