Josh Hawley Defends Selling Merch of His Fist-Pump Salute to Jan. 6 Rioters: It’s ‘Not A Pro-Riot Mug’

( Senator Josh Hawley, the Republican legislator from Missouri who challenged Pennsylvania’s Electoral College vote following evidence of fraud and misconduct in the state, is facing fresh controversy over a mug sold on his website that shows him cheering on a crowd of peaceful protests on January 6.

The photograph showed Hawley addressing a crowd of protesters, not rioters, but that didn’t stop Democrats and the left-wing press claiming he was supporting a “riot.”

On January 6, a small contingent of protesters left the peaceful protest organized by former President Donald Trump, and joined a gang of far-left and far-right rioters who stormed the Capitol Building…with journalists in tow.

The mug that caused so much anger sells for $20 and features Hawley raising his fist on a stage on January 6 shortly before he challenged the certification of President Joe Biden’s technical election victory.

You can see the mug here:

It’s amazing that left-wingers can look at this and think it’s something nefarious, isn’t it?

Mediaite even tried to portray Hawley as unreasonable for suggesting that calling all January 6 protesters “rioters” is a “slur.”

It is a slur. It literally is, because not everyone at that peaceful protest – in fact, most people at the peaceful pro-democracy protest – didn’t break off and illegally enter the Capital Building.

Josh Hawley did nothing wrong and no matter what the press says, the mug is not “pro-riot.” Obviously.