Josh Hawley Aims At Liberal DHS With Latest Bill

The Ending DHS Funding for Liberal Propaganda Act, introduced by Republican Missouri senator Josh Hawley, would cut down on grant money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that goes to groups that discriminate against those who hold conservative views.

During his interview with Fox News Digital, Hawley said that the Biden Administration has repeatedly shown its readiness to use its authority as a weapon against conservatives.  His measure prohibits Secretary Mayorkas from using public funds for initiatives whose sole purpose is to undermine the political opponents of this administration.

The bill’s wording states that it would prohibit the use of public funds to create programs that challenge popular narratives or positions on political issues such as COVID-19, immunization, media bias, immigration, or crime.

A conservative watchdog group called the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed via FOIA requests that a Department of Homeland Security program aimed at combating terrorism is really sponsoring an organization whose activities have directly attacked conservatives in the United States. The MRC published a report detailing its findings and argued that the group’s conclusions justify criminal prosecution.

According to documents, last year, the Biden administration distributed taxpayer funds via an anti-terrorism grant effort to a university program that has openly classified conservatives, Christians, and Republicans with Nazis.

This month, it was reported that Hawley referenced a grant from the Biden Administration’s Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program as an example. The funding was given to the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab with the purpose of creating counter-propaganda against conservative ideas.

Racial justice, Immigration, the coronavirus, and immunization were among the subjects that the $700,000 funding was used to combat, adding to earlier worries about “cancel culture” and “fake” journalism.

According to Hawley’s recent letter to Mayorkas,  it’s an unacceptable misuse of government money and an abuse of authority. It is imperative that the federal government promptly recoups all of these monies and terminates the employment of everybody associated with this program.