Jordan Peters RETURNS, Posts Video Detailing Wild Medical Journey

( Classical liberal philosopher and psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who shot to fame in 2016 after publishing a series of videos in which he criticized Bill C-16 that would criminalize the “misgendering” of trans people, posted a video on Monday announcing his return to normal life. It comes after a long absence from the popular psychologist and author who has experienced a series of medical problems and emergencies.

In the video, Peterson describes how he struggled with withdrawal symptoms after taking Benzodiazepine during a difficult period of his life. Peterson thanked his family and friends for helping him through the problems which saw him traveling across the world and visiting various medical treatment centers.

“But I’m alive, and I have plans for the future,” Peterson said.

Peterson’s woes went public in February when his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, talked about the experiences her family had gone through. The 28-year-old talked on her podcasts about the year of “absolute hell” that started with her mother being diagnosed with cancer. The Petersons initially believed that the cancer was terminal, which was what prompted Jordan Peterson’s initial mental struggles.

“Dad was put on a low dose of benzodiazepine a few years ago for anxiety following an extremely severe autoimmune reaction to food,” she said at the time. “He took the medication as prescribed. We weren’t aware that he was developing a physical dependence on the drug until last April when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the dose of the medication increased. It became apparent that he was experienced a paradoxical reaction to the medication, meaning the benzos did the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. These reactions are rare but are not unheard of.”

Mikhaila Peterson described how her father suffered “unbearable discomfort” from the drug, and after taking him to several hospitals in North American, he nearly died several times and was later moved to other medical centers all over the world.

Since then, Professor Peterson told the world that his wife has recovered from the cancer.

In the video, Peterson also said that he planned on working on more YouTube videos that will be focused on Proverbs. He also said that he plans to release a new series of lectures on the Bible, covering Exodus, in the same style as his 2017 Genesis series.

He’s back!