John Fetterman Refused to Attend Joe Biden Event

( President Biden traveled to Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania on Tuesday to give a speech on crime and gun control. But one Pennsylvania Democrat was a no-show.

Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman, like many other Democrat midterm candidates, chose not to attend the president’s campaign event.

When White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked on Monday why the Senate candidate refused to appear with the president, Jean-Pierre claimed Fetterman had a scheduling conflict and was already holding an event.

Jean-Pierre refused to respond on whether Biden was disappointed that Fetterman wasn’t appearing with him.

Maybe it’s just as well Fetterman was a no-show.

During his sparsely-attended campaign event, President Senile urged those in attendance to elect John Fetterman as their governor.


Dr. Oz’s campaign immediately responded to Fetterman avoiding Biden on Tuesday, issuing a statement calling the lumbering oaf “No-Show John Fetterman.”

The Oz campaign has been hammering Fetterman for ducking debates, arguing that the Democrat candidate is trying to avoid being transparent with Pennsylvania voters about his health after suffering a stroke days before the primary.

Britany Yanick, the communications director for the Oz campaign said Fetterman’s unwillingness to debate shows he is either trying to keep voters from knowing the truth about his health or is trying to hide “his radical positions” from the voters.

Fetterman is expected to meet with Biden in Pittsburgh when the president returns to Pennsylvania for the third time in a week to hold a Labor Day event.