John Bolton Investigation Dropped By DOJ

( President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has reportedly dropped a criminal investigation into John Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump who published a book that allegedly disclosed classified information. A civil lawsuit was also dropped against Bolton, which is good news for the former Trump administration official who used his very public firing as an opportunity to get his own back on the former president and cash in on the controversy.

The lawsuit, initiated before Biden took office, aimed to recover the cash Bolton made from the book. The suit was filed in a District of Columbia federal court and claimed that the former national security advisor revealed information in the book that was classified and sensitive.

Charles Cooper, the attorney representing Bolton, said that the decision means that the Department of Justice has “tacitly acknowledged” that former President Trump “acted illegitimately.”

Of course a lawyer would say that. It’s far more likely that the Justice Department dropped the charges because they disagree with former President Trump, which is hardly a surprise. President Joe Biden issued dozens of executive orders during his first week in office, most of which reversed Trump-era orders…because he disagreed with them.

But lawyers will be lawyers.

Sarah Tinsley, Bolton’s spokeswoman, also wrongly claimed that the dropping of the lawsuit was a “complete vindication,” without acknowledging the fact that Biden was always going to do it, regardless of the facts.

The June 2020 book, published by Simon & Schuster, was understood to have contained classified information that could have threatened national security if released. The book was also hugely critical of the former president.

Bolton is safe for now, but let’s see what happens if President Trump returns to the White House after 2024…