Joe Rogan Says Trump Will “100%” Run And Win In 2024 If It’s Against Harris Or Biden

( Podcaster Joe Rogan is no conservative. The pot-smoking libertarian host of the Joe Rogan Experience and MMA enthusiast is routinely criticized and smeared by left-wing activists, but it’s not because he’s far-right or even right-wing…it’s because he tells the truth.

And recently, Rogan caused an uproar by suggesting that former President Donald Trump is going to run in 2024, and that he’s going to win.

During an interview with Amanda Knox, who was acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court in a famous murder case of exchange student Meredith Kercher, Rogan suggested that former President Trump would “100% try” to run again, and that he’s “probably going to win.”

While former President Trump has not formally committed to running in 2024, he has already told multiple press outlets that he believes people will be “very happy” with his decision and that campaign financing laws make it difficult for him to admit whether or not he plans to run again in the future.

“How is Joe Biden going to win? How is it possible he’s going to beat anybody?” Rogan asked Knox.

Election fraud maybe? That’s how they did it last time.

Rogan said that after people see the “decay and the decline” in America caused by his leadership, it’s not possible for Biden to win again.

“The Democrats f*cked up royally by making that guy the president,” he said.

Check it out:

Even Amanda Knox admitted that Joe Biden is “not very inspiring” and said that the Democrats should let somebody else run next time…like Vice President Kamala Harris.

But Rogan set her straight noted that she is the “most hated vice president according to polls.”

That’s true. Harris is barely scraping 50% approval rating, and she’s only achieved that by basically hiding for months.