Joe Rogan Says It’s Time To Bring Kanye West Back

( In a recent podcast, Joe Rogan expressed his opposition to banning people from social media.

Rogan and his guest, internet entrepreneur Adam Curry, were discussing free speech on social media when they laughed about a report that Kanye West referred to Twitter CEO Elon Musk as a “half-Chinese clone,” prompting Rogan to say Kanye should be let back on Twitter.

Rogan argued that if people don’t like things someone says on Twitter, they can block them, that way, they don’t have to read or listen to anything that person says.

Rogan suggested that keeping someone like Kanye West on Twitter would allow people to push back on comments they don’t like. He said the value in pushback is that a person would “learn from that” and possibly alter “the way he thinks.”

Rogan explained that Elon Musk learned “very quickly” that “you have to have some restrictions.” He said Musk had to ban Kanye because of the swastika inside of a Star of David image, prompting Curry to say Kanye “touched the third rail.”

Rogan said the “correct thing” would have been to let Kanye tweet so people could challenge him over the “dumb things that he’s saying.”

In early December, Kanye was suspended for violating Twitter’s rules on “incitement to violence” after sharing the “swastika inside a Star of David” image just hours after he proclaimed his love for Adolf Hitler and repeated his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories during a deranged interview with Alex Jones during which Kanye wore a black hood completely covering his face.

Kanye had previously tweeted a bizarre rant defending the fashion house Balenciaga over its disturbing bondage-themed ads featuring children. In one particularly odd tweet, West told his followers that he thinks the term “anti-Semitic” means the N-word.

Despite claiming to be a free speech absolutist, Musk confirmed that Kanye’s account was suspended for the swastika/Star of David tweet. “I tried my best,” Musk tweeted, adding, “Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence.”

In a later tweet, Musk posted “FAFO,” which stands for “F*ck Around and Find Out.”