Joe Rogan Doesn’t Understand Outrage Over Barbie Movie

The “Barbie” movie generated some backlash on the right for being “anti-men,” but podcaster Joe Rogan was perplexed at this response, according to The New York Post. Talking to his guest, Post Malone, Rogan said that the movie was about the patriarchy, but noted that this reflects real life.

Rogan explained that when people buy Barbies, they are in it for the Barbie, and everything else—like Ken—is an accessory. In other words, Barbieland is not about men, it’s about Barbie. He said that the part that has people outraged is when the characters go out into the real world and they see that everything is run by men. But again, Rogan explains, Barbieland is about the woman, so this is not something bizarre for that world.

The podcaster went on to say that those who are outraged are not the target audience of the film anyway, so they probably shouldn’t have seen it. He compared these people going to see the movie to those who go to an AC/DC concert but don’t like AC/DC.

The Barbie is reportedly on track to surpass the $1 billion mark in ticket sales. The movie has been at the top for weeks without any sign of slowing down. Right behind it, however, is “Oppenheimer,” which grossed over $400 million globally in its second week.

The Barbie toys have inspired many for decades now. One girl reportedly used Barbie to help her get into college. A student who wanted to get into Chapman University, one of the top film schools in the world, began her college essay with “I want to be like Barbie.” She explained that growing up, she saw the childhood toy as a “doctor, lawyer, dancer, singer, and fashionista.” To her, Barbie “chose of all of her dreams.”