Joe Biden’s Approval Numbers Collapse

( Remember how smug the Democrats were when they announced that Joe Biden had won more votes than any other presidential candidate in history? And that he was the most popular presidential candidate ever?

Well, here’s the latest evidence proving that assertion wrong.

According to the results of a survey released last Thursday, President Biden’s approval rating dropped to a disastrous 43%. It’s the kind of number that the media would have used against former President Donald Trump relentlessly, using it as evidence that the American public want to get rid of him. But they’re not doing that to President Joe Biden, and this kind dissatisfaction in the federal government was never seen during the Trump administration.

The latest figures show Biden’s approval rating dropping by some 6 points below the NPR August poll, which showed him at 49% – and that was a bad sign even then.

The NPR polls show that the president is losing support now just from Republicans and independents but even from supporters of his own party. The data shows that 36% of independent voters approve of the job Joe Biden is doing, and a massive 55% disapprove. Those are not the kind of numbers you’d want to see, especially for a president who insists that he plans to run for a second term.

Yes, really.

It also showed how 85% of Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing, and 13% disapprove.

The collapse in Biden’s approval ratings come as the world looks in anger and shock at the horrendous way in which the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan was handled. Despite declaring in a speech that the withdrawal was an “extraordinary success,” President Biden’s withdrawal left hundreds of Americans stranded in the country and put those 13 American servicemen who died in a terror attack in Kabul in danger.

It’s no wonder people don’t like Biden when the economy is tanking, prices are going up, people are being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their job, and the Afghanistan withdrawal was an unmitigated disaster.