Joe Biden Walks Back Claims About Facebook Killing People

( Last Friday on his way out of the White House, President Biden was asked what his message was to platforms like Facebook.

And he couldn’t have been more clear, answering “They’re killing people.”

Unsurprisingly, the White House received blowback from the social media giant, none too happy with being accused of murder by the very President they worked so hard to get into the White House.

A Facebook official accused Biden of looking for a scapegoat for his own failure to meet the goal of 70 percent of the country vaccinated by July 4.

Naturally the President needed to do a bit of a walk-back. After all, Facebook is happily colluding with the White House to censor or ban people posting “vaccine misinformation” (read, things that go against White House talking points). No sense in biting the hand that colludes with them.

So during a press event on Monday, President Biden kinda-sorta walked it back by saying he meant precisely what he said.

Biden went on to say that he read an article that said twelve people are responsible for 60 percent of the “misinformation” on Facebook. He then explained that he was asked a question about “what do I think is happening,” then pretended his answer was Facebook isn’t killing people; the twelve people posting the “misinformation” are killing people.

Where to begin?

First of all, Biden wasn’t asked “what do you think is happening?” He was asked “what is your message to platforms like Facebook?”

Second, Biden didn’t say, “Facebook isn’t killing people, these twelve people are.” He said, “They’re killing people.”

This is less an apology as it is a rewrite of history. Then again, this isn’t the first time Biden rewrites incidents that occurred on camera.

Finally, how is accusing twelve people of “killing people” any less inflammatory and histrionic than accusing Facebook of “killing people?”

Nothing about Biden’s “clarification” is any better.

Even after supposedly clearing the air, Biden goes on to accuse Facebook of being too sensitive, suggesting that “instead of taking it personally that I’m somehow saying Facebook is killing people,” (spoiler alert: he didn’t “somehow say” it, he flat-out said it) “that they would do something about the misinformation.”

If the White House expected this to mend fences with their proxy censors at Facebook, they might be disappointed.