Joe Biden Tries To Take Credit For Ceasefire Actually Brokered By Egypt

( President Joe Biden became the plagiarist-in-chief on Thursday when he attempted to take credit for a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas. The president completely ignored the fact that Egypt brokered the deal between the two countries, and refused to give any information about what his so-called “deal” involved.

During a brief statement at the White House, President Biden said that Egyptian officials played a “critical role” in ending the rocket fire (which was initiated by Islamic militants and terrorists in Palestine) but then emphasized just how big a role his own administration played in the talks.

He said that he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu six times in 11 days (congrats?) and that he had also spoken to the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas more than once. Biden then said he would like to thank the secretaries of defense and state, as well as his national security adviser, for the outcome.

That sounds an awful lot like he’s trying to take credit.

“You know, we’ve held intensive, high-level discussions, hour by hour, literally, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and other Middle Eastern countries, with an aim of avoiding this sort of prolonged conflict we’ve seen in previous years when the hostilities have broken out,” he continued.

When asked how the deal was made, Biden refused to answer, saying he won’t reveal the intricacies of the deal. He also added that he had succeeded because he didn’t do what other administrations had done before him.

Is that a dig at President Trump or President Obama? Because if he’s talking about President Trump, somebody should probably remind him about the Abraham Accords…

We know that the cease-fire deal was really brokered by Egypt because Hamas, the authority and terrorist organization that controls Palestine, said so.

“We were informed by our brothers in Egypt that an agreement had been reached for a mutual and simultaneous ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, starting at 2 a.m. on Friday, May 21, 2021,” a statement from Hamas said, adding that they will abide by the agreement.

Does the president think he can just get away with claiming credit, and without revealing any information about this alleged deal that he brokered?