Joe Biden To Host Pathetic “Car Rally” With Jill Biden

( President Joe Biden is all set to try and replicate the huge success of President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again rallies, with plans to hold a “car rally” with his wife, Jill Biden, to celebrate his first 100 days in office.

It’s set to be a campaign-style rally that was regularly used by the Biden campaign, much to the amusement of Trump supporters. Biden’s rallies would often draw a mere handful of cars, with people tooting their horns instead of clapping or cheering.

During the 2020 presidential race, Biden used the excuse that the COVID-19 pandemic restricted people from attending big rallies in person, but now that the pandemic is beginning to come to a close, with vaccines available to most Americans who want them, he can’t really use that excuse any more.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that President Biden will nonetheless hold a car rally next Thursday after he makes a speech to Congress on Wednesday night.

Biden will reportedly host the drive-in rally in Metro Atlanta and use the opportunity to speak to whatever number of people decide to turn up to highlight the policies his administration has pushed since he entered office.

Who wants to bet he completely ignores the crisis on the border, caused by his reversal of Trump-era immigration policies that made it harder for illegal aliens to enter the country and discouraged them from doing so in the first place?

The event will be sponsored by the DNC, making it pretty clear that this is effectively a propaganda event designed to make it look as though the president has done something meaningful during his time in office so far.

Which we know…he hasn’t.

In response to the news, some Trump supporters have encouraged their fellow Republicans to come out in a show of force against President Biden.

“Georgians – there needs to be a MAGA car parade in Atlanta on Thursday!” one user said.

Another user noted how Biden and his contingent are planning on flying to Georgia, producing carbon emissions and then encouraging people to drive in their cars to attend a rally.

Doesn’t sound very green, does it?