Joe Biden Signs New Bill Into Law

( President Joe Biden signed a new bill into law on Thursday that will increase the funds available for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The signing of the bill took place at a White House ceremony and was attended by a group of bipartisan legislators.

It was a rare example of bipartisanship in Congress, with the legislation passing 100-0 in the Senate.

The Crime Victims Fund was first set up in 1984. At the time, Biden was a Delaware Senator, and one of the co-sponsors of the legislation when it first arrived in Congress. The fund provides services and financial assistance taken from non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements where criminal fines and penalties are applied. That money is then used to help vulnerable people all over the country.

During the signing ceremony, President Biden said that the bill will allow all funds taken from fines in federal cases to be given to crime victims and “rebuild” the fund as it is “badly needed.”

Biden added that the additional funds will allow more people to receive help and support, not just for domestic violence but also for child abuse and trafficking.

Trafficking? Interesting…Democrats are usually pretty silent about this crime, given its prevalence among criminal illegal aliens crossing the United States-Mexico border.

The fund has struggled for funding in recent years, forcing cuts to be made in victim services. However, the new bipartisan legislation will mean that victims who have experienced economic costs and mental health trouble will have more support.

Biden added that when somebody commits a crime against people in this way, justice isn’t enough – the victims also need to be supported.

It proves Biden can (occasionally) do the right thing.