Joe Biden Says He Will Give Amnesty To Anyone Here On January 1

(PatrioticPost)- According to new reports, the amnesty plan being pushed by President-elect Joe Biden will give U.S. citizenship to any illegal alien in the United States who can prove they were in the country on January 1. If passed by Congress, it would change the electorate of the United States forever and rewards tens of millions of illegal aliens who all committed a crime the moment they entered the United States.

According to a report by the Washington Post that cited “transition officials,” illegal aliens “must have been in the United States as of Jan. 1,” which is a move designed to stop anyone from rushing into the border.

Despite that, caravans are already reportedly rushing to the border anyway, in anticipation of Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. Good job, Joe!

The plan also falls flat in other ways, particularly given that the smuggling industry is sophisticated enough to backdate documents and help illegal aliens establish new identities. For a prize as big as United States citizenship, coyotes will be taking in more cash than ever from desperate illegal aliens willing to do anything they can to illegally entered the United States.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas slammed the policy on Tuesday, explaining how the move would “cost thousands of good-paying American jobs.”

“Instead of sabotaging the pipeline and promising amnesty during a pandemic, how about we focus on helping American workers?” he asked.

Good question.

One America News anchor Jack Posobiec also asked on Twitter what the point of the GOP will be after the Democrats pass amnesty for 15 million illegals.

Either the Republican Party will need to radically change and become more like the Democratic Party, or the Democrats could potentially control all three chambers of government for generations.

…and neither of those sound good.

The Post didn’t explain how many illegal aliens would benefit from the scheme, but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise given that nobody actually knows how many illegals are in the United States right now. It also wasn’t clear whether the eight-year plan would allow for chain migration.

If it does, then tens of millions of illegals could easily become hundreds of millions, with family members being imported after successfully receiving citizenship.