Joe Biden Negotiated A Secret Arrangement With The Taliban

( Two unnamed defense officials told CNN that the US military negotiated a secret arrangement with the Taliban to escort groups of Americans to the gates of the airport in Kabul during the slipshod evacuation.

These officials said that these evacuating Americans were given instructions to gather at “muster points” near the airport where Taliban fighters would check their credentials and then lead them the short distance to a gate manned by US forces. These US troops could keep an eye on their approach to make sure their Taliban escorts followed the plan, and to intervene if they did not.

According CNN, “multiple sources” here in the states who were in contact with evacuating Americans said these evacuees were stunned that they were being placed into the hands of the Taliban and made to rely on them for safe passage.

One of these defense officials told CNN that this secret arrangement “worked beautifully.” However, Americans involved in unofficial evacuation efforts disputed that claim. These Americans said that the Taliban was turning away many of the US citizens and green card holders they were supposed to allow through.

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward reported that Americans were being turned away by the Taliban.

Even CNN acknowledges that it is unclear just how widespread the Taliban’s refusal to admit Americans and green card holders through because no US forces or officials were out at the muster point.

At the same time, it is also unclear how many of the Americans and green card holders who were turned away from these “muster points” were able to make it into the airport another way. Some did. CNN reported that at least one American turned away by the Taliban at one muster point was able to find an alternative way into the airport for himself and his family. Another family of green card holders were turned away from one muster point, but were able to clear it on another night.

But not all of them were so fortunate.

As it stands, the administration is claiming that there were Americans left behind after the last US transport flight left Kabul. The Pentagon put the number in the “low hundreds.”

Now the US will have to negotiate with a terrorist organization in order to free the Americans the Biden administration left behind.