Joe Biden May Be Personally Investigated Over Afghanistan Screwup

( In a recent interview on CNN, Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton indicated he would support the Republicans’ investigation into the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan, but he also supports an investigation and audit of the entire 20-year war.

During an appearance on CNN Newsroom on Monday, host Jim Sciutto brought up the Republicans’ pledge to investigate the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal and asked Moulton if he would support such an investigation.

Moulton said he would, but added that the entire Afghanistan war should be investigated, arguing that it wasn’t the withdrawal that made Afghanistan “go to hell in a handbasket.” He said multiple presidents from both parties made mistakes during the 20-year war and if we want to prevent that from happening again, there must be congressional oversight.

Moulton explained that the reason the withdrawal must be investigated is that many Americans seem to have forgotten that a lot of the Afghans who worked with the US were left behind.

And while he said he holds Joe Biden accountable for the bungled withdrawal, Moulton told Sciutto that it was former President Trump who is responsible for negotiating with the Taliban and giving “everything away.” He said Trump paved the way for the disastrous withdrawal that Biden “followed through on.”

Moulton said he also holds former President Obama responsible for the troop surge in Afghanistan and Congress should get a “full accounting” of whether that surge worked and if it was worth the cost.

Moulton then brought up President George W. Bush, saying it was Bush who got the US embroiled in Afghanistan in the first place. He said while the initial decision to go to Afghanistan may have been the right thing to do, “deciding to escalate the war” and remain there “for what turned into a 20-year conflict” requires accountability.