Joe Biden Makes Outrageous Claim About MLK’s Assassination

( On Monday, the country marked Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday – and many people chose to do so by bringing up old footage of Joe Biden during his presidential campaign comparing the death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots to Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

Biden appeared at a press conference, which was much more common during his time as a candidate and not as president, talking about the death of Floyd and conveniently ignoring the fact that thousands of his own supporters were out on the streets burning down buildings, attacking federal property, and even shooting Trump supporters in the street.

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden can be heard saying.


That’s not right, is it?

At the very least, it shows Biden lacks critical thinking skills. Just because so many people responded to Floyd’s death, does that make him some kind of martyr? Does that justify the violence and terrorism that the Democrats pretended didn’t exist?

The comments were made on June 11, 2020, only a few weeks after Floyd was killed. He made the comments during a roundtable press conference in Philadelphia.