Joe Biden Makes “Bad Joke” About Donald Trump, Suffers Backlash

( Remember when President Donald Trump would say entirely rational and normal things and the media would go crazy about it? Well, now that President Joe Biden is in office, the media is behaving very differently when the president says something absolutely insane.

President Joe Biden recently attempted to crack a joke at the former president’s expense while talking to CEOs of major American companies. He asked them about the prospect of using wind energy, and said:

“Generic question…are you getting less resistance when you start talking about wind, and the windmills? I know they cause cancer,” he said.

Biden was referencing former President Donald Trump’s comments during the 2016 presidential campaign about wind turbines, arguing that homes in areas where the turbines are built lose about 75% of their value.

“And they say the noise causes cancer,” he said at the time.

He was mocked relentlessly in the media, but as always, Trump was ahead of the curve. Two leading Irish health experts have warned that the noises that come from wind turbines can cause sleep deprivation, which in turn can cause heart disease and cancer.

Professor Graham Roberts, head of the Department of Endocrinology at University Hospital in Waterford, and Professor Alun Evals from Queen’s University, Belfast, warned in 2015 that wind turbines should be built as far away from residential properties as possible over concerns about causing cancer or general ill health in those who live by them.

Despite the fact that Trump was telling the truth, and despite the fact that Biden’s comment caused confusion – mostly because it was a truly terrible joke – the president got a glowing write-up from Mediaite.

Why does the media always jump to Biden’s defense and pretend everything Trump says is crazy?