Joe Biden Leaving To Visit Election Audit Amid Reports Of Bad Findings

( Last week, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, chair of the Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee, announced that his committee would be conducting a forensic audit of both the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary.

Mastriano issued a letter to several counties requesting all information and materials needed to conduct the audit, giving them until July 31 to comply with his request.

Mastriano cited the unprecedented use of “mass” mail-in voting and the lack of signature verification as two reasons this forensic audit is necessary.

Just two days after Mastriano’s announcement, the White House announced that President Joe Biden would be leaving DC to take a trip to Pennsylvania ostensibly to “deliver remarks on actions to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote.”

Is it possible that the White House is deploying Joe Biden to strongarm counties to obstruct Mastriano’s request for documents and information?

Given the fact that Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid also issued a state-wide directive to block the audit the 2020 election results, it seems likely Biden’s visit is related.

Degraffenreid, along with Pennsylvania’s State Attorney General Josh Shapiro, are claiming that the legislature does not have the power or legal authority to order an audit.

That claim is specious to say the least. The US Constitution places the authority over state elections directly in the hands of state legislatures. To claim that Mastriano doesn’t have the legal authority or the power to audit the elections is completely illogical.

In a video released to his Twitter account on Friday, Mastriano makes the case for his legal authority to conduct the 2020 election audit, and the law is on his side.

To believe it is coincidence that President Biden would schedule this Pennsylvania trip to speak about the “sacred and constitutional right to vote” at the exact same time Mastriano announced this audit strains credulity.

The Democrats are panicking.

For all their claims that the 2020 election was the safest and most secure, they certainly aren’t acting as if they believe it.