Joe Biden Falsely Claims His Father Was A Coal Miner

( President Joe Biden once again told a blatant lie about his great grandfather being a coal miner during a speech in Dearborn, Michigan on Tuesday. It’s not the first time he’s been dishonest as president, and definitely qualifies for us to call him a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”!

Remember that weird line?

During the Michigan speech, President Biden struggled to read the teleprompter – as usual – and promoted his massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill. Yes, the same “infrastructure” bill that includes provisions for the Green New deal and a massive $174 billion for electric vehicles.

Isn’t infrastructure meant to be about…bridges?

He also lied, again, about his grandfather.

“My dad used to say Joey — and I swear to God when he left Scranton, when coal died, my dad was not a [coal miner], he was a sales person, He wasn’t a coal miner, my great grandpop was,” he claimed.

It’s just not true.

One grandfather was George T. Biden who was born in October 1867 and was a produce dealer. The Liberty Report revealed how it couldn’t have been Edward Francis Blewitt, because he was born in January 1859 and was a civil engineer, politician, and businessman. Then there’s George Hamilton Robinette who was born in 1944, but he made a living as a railroad inspector and locomotive engineer.

The only one left is Owen Finnegan, who died in 1874 in Seneca, New York. And he wasn’t a coal miner either.

And if you thought we’ve missed one…why not take a look at Joe Biden admitting himself back in 2004 that nobody in his family was ever a coal miner?

Watch here.

He literally admitted lying about his grandfather being a coal miner, and now as president, he’s reverted back to the lie.

This guy could easily be the most dishonest president America has ever had.