Joe Biden Claims Dogs May Cure Cancer

( President Joe Biden is known for saying wacky things, but it’s usually because he’s forgotten what he’s saying and trails off without making any point at all. But this week, President Biden made the utterly bizarre claim that dogs may help cure cancer.


“Dogs may help cure cancer. It’s not a joke,” President Biden told journalists during a photo-op visit to an Ohio cancer hospital.

We all the man likes dogs, but come on.

Fox News noted that Biden may have actually been confused about the role that dogs may play in detecting cancer, rather than curing it. Several reports and studies have shown that dogs, with their incredible sense of smell, may actually be able to help humans detect cancer in its early stages.

The first protocol for training dogs to detect cancer was formulated by Dina Zaphirisv, the founder of the In Suti Foundation. Zaphiris trained 52 dogs to detect cancer in humans and now trains dog handlers all over the world to do the same.

And as impressive as it is, it’s a far cry from curing cancer.

Biden’s comment was so ridiculous that even TMZ, a left-leaning culture magazine, reported on the story.

“Biden’s statement immediately raised a lot of eyebrows around the country, because even if ya love dogs — CURING cancer??? Watch the clip, because the President did say something 100% factual … which is that dogs can smell cancer, and some have been trained to give patients and/or doctors a heads-up,” the outlet reported.

“But, that’s really detection, stretching it out to curing cancer … seems far-fetched. Sorry, Fido,” the reporter concluded.

No word from CNN, though.

If President Donald Trump had made comments like this, the backlash from the mainstream press would almost certainly have been substantial. The former president was once falsely accused of telling Americans to inject bleach when.

But Biden can get away with thinking dogs can cure cancer when decades of scientific research and billions of dollars haven’t managed to do it yet?

Some media outlets chose to defend President Biden using the argument that dogs can detect cancer, but no outlet even came close to explaining how our canine friends might be able