Joe Biden Bizarrely Calls Out “Japanese Boy” On Camera

( President Joe Biden made an awkward, bizarre, and arguably racist comment about Japanese golfing champion Hideki Matsuyama during a press conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga last week.

The U.S. President, in what may have been yet another instance of completely forgetting the name of the person he is talking about – something he seems to do fairly often – referred to Matsuyama as the “Japanese boy.”

The so-called “Japanese boy” is actually a 29-year-old winner of the Masters Tournament. He won the tournament at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday.

“Yoshi, I know how proud you are, the people of Japan are, and you’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here and guess what?” he said. “He won the Masters. He won the Masters. He won the green jacket.”

And the president’s comments didn’t go unnoticed.

“Can you tell @JoeBiden to #StopAsianHate after his racist Japanese Boy remark?” one Twitter user asked Vice President Kamala Harris.

“@JoeBiden uhhh Mr President, ‘Japanese boy’ ? Do better Sir, the entire world is counting on it. A formal apology is in order. We teach our kids better than this,” another user said.

Imagine if President Donald Trump had called a famous Japanese golfing champion the “Japanese boy.”

It’s not the first time that the Biden administration has been caught up in outrage about its anti-Asian sentiment. While the Democrats insist that the United States is an inherently racist place, citing rising anti-Asian hate crimes, the White House drew criticism over the lack of any prominent Asian American nominees in the Biden administration…despite Biden promising a cabinet that “looks like America.”

So, what’s with the hypocrisy?

During a joint press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Prime Minister Sugar said that he had “discussed the increase of discriminations or violences against Asian people across the U.S. with President Biden” and that they had “agreed that discrimination by race cannot be permitted by any societies.”

It’s an interesting agreement to make, given that no recent American president would ever suggest otherwise.