Jesse Waters Says Zelensky Is A “Killer”

( The first few minutes of Wednesday’s most popular Fox News program, The Five, were consumed by immediate reactions to a press conference with Presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Co-host Jesse Watters gave a particularly bombastic response, claiming that while Zelensky may appear charming, he is actually a killerr seeking “vengeance.”

After praising Zelensky’s character, Judge Jeanine Pirro asked why the United States could spend so much money abroad but not secure its southern border, even though she agreed that winning in Ukraine was a top national security priority for the country.

In general, Harold Ford agreed with Pirro, but he later asserted that the border crisis and support for Ukraine should be discussed separately.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, “clearly underestimated the desire, the hunger, and the appetite that the Ukrainians have to determine their own future, the future of their land, and the future of their children,” according to Ford.

“And I, too, appreciate Zelensky’s sense of humor for being able to laugh and be amused by his current situation despite being at war,” said Ford.

“Zelensky is never going to negotiate or give up, either. The guy is cute, but he’s a killer,” Watters said.

Watters said that because of the widows, mothers, and brothers who witnessed their sons being killed by this Putin war machine, “the country wants vengeance.”

“They’re going to exert every effort to drive the Russians from that region. Then, some of these Russian generals will be mentioned for war crimes. That’s what they want,” Watters said.

“Biden said the right thing, I guess, but I want to hear the man speak from the heart or the brain instead of speaking from his notes, because that whole thing was choreographed. These were preselected questions. He knew what was coming. And I expect more from the commander in chief,” Watters said.

Watters continued, “The Patriot missile system is an escalation. This is our most high-tech system. It’s an air defense system that we have guys trained for three years on how to operate. You don’t just hand this thing over and say, ‘Ukraine, go for it.”

“I just have a quick question,” Watters said.  “When does Biden start to rely a little bit more on Zelensky to reach a negotiated settlement? Zelensky has stated that in order to defeat them, we must use the entire year 2023. However, as 2024 approaches, there may be a change in political calculations.”

Dana Perino wryly said, “I’m sure the Biden team won’t want to be dealing with this in 2024.