Jennifer Lawrence Says She Didn’t Cheat, Despite Rumors

After rumors began circulating about an alleged affair between Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, the Oscar-winning actress finally put it to rest, according to The Daily Wire

While being interviewed by Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” Lawrence was asked about Cyrus’ new music video. Many speculated that when “Flowers” debuted, it was a reference to a “fling” that the two actors had. Lawrence quickly said, “not true.”

The music video reportedly features Cyrus in a gold dress. The choice of outfit prompted some to think that it was a reference to the gold dress Lawrence wore to the 2012 Los Angeles premiere of “The Hunger Games,” which both Lawrence and Hemsworth starred in. The actress reflected on the time that the two of them kissed but noted that that was years after Cyrus and Hemsworth broke up. She then added that she thought Cyrus’ gold dress was a “coincidence.”  

Nevertheless, Lawrence did give Hemsworth credit for helping her improve her negotiating skills and helping her stand up for herself more. In 2014, she told People Magazine that he was teaching her to toughen up. “I need that,” she said. 

Cyrus and Hemsworth’s divorce was reportedly finalized in 2020 and he is currently dating model Gabriella Brooks. Cyrus is currently dating Maxx Morando. 

Lawrence recently opened up about when her spouse Cooke Maroney proposed to her. She described the experience as “terrifying but exciting,” and said that she felt a lot of commitment anxiety while filming “Causeway” in New Orleans. Following their nuptials, the couple had their first child in February 2022. 

The Hunger Games actress said that since birthing her child she has become more selective when choosing her projects. She said that her child makes it easier for her to choose when films to take on.