Jennifer Aniston Breaks Silence On Matthew Perry’s Death

On Wednesday, Jennifer Aniston sent a touching homage to her late Friends co-star Matthew Perry on Instagram.

From 1994 until 2004, they co-starred in the hit NBC comedy Friends.

Before this week, Aniston had been silent about Perry’s tragic death by drowning on October 28. She wrote on how his death has affected her and included a photo of the two of them.

Aniston, 54, stated that she had never felt such a “crazy surge of emotions” as she did after saying goodbye to their “Matty.”

We all go through loss,” she went on, “at some time in our lives.” Loss of life or loss of Aisston said that you can feel joy and thankfulness for the person you loved so profoundly when you allow yourself to embrace this sadness completely. And the affection we felt for him was profound. He was a fundamental element of who we are. There were never less than six of us. This family was chosen and had a lasting influence on our identity and future course. He enjoyed making other people happy, and Matty knew it. According to him, he would surely perish if he didn’t hear the chuckle.

His very survival was at stake.

Aniston said that Perry could keep her and their co-stars laughing on set.

She said over the past two weeks, she’d been reading through their text messages again. She said she was laughing, then weeping, and then laughing again, and will remain in my possession indefinitely.

Aniston posted a video of a poignant moment from “Friends” and a screenshot from a text conversation.

She expressed her deep affection for Matty and said she chats with him daily. Aniston said sometimes she can almost hear him saying, “Could you BE any crazier?

Perry’s body was found in his California home’s hot tub two weeks ago, and no cause of death has been given.

In Perry’s 2022 biography, he admits to having romantic emotions for Aniston over their ten years of working together on the program. He moved on since his amorous desires were rejected.

In Perry’s latter two decades of life, he struggled mightily with substance abuse.