Jen Psaki Starts Crying Over Ron DeSantis’ Anti-Groomer Law

( Florida just approved an anti-groomer statute. Teachers will no longer be permitted to force openly sexual material on kindergarten through third-grade students. The Democrats are enraged by this! They like their grooming exercises at school.
Jen Psaki is the epitome of this distorted mindset. Jessica Yellin, a podcaster, recently sat down with Psaki for an interview. Anti-groomer laws make Psaki cry, she said to the lefty podcaster, Jessica Yellin.
When questioned about legislation passed in Republican states restricting schools on transgender problems and sexual identity and allowing parents more significant influence over their children’s education, Psaki stated that this is a topic that drives her insane.
“I’m going to cry over this because it’s a terrible situation,” said Psaki.
Like the one approved in Florida, the rules restrict talks about sexual identity and gender in classrooms with young children and bar school personnel from changing a child’s gender without the parents’ approval.
The restrictions, according to Psaki, are “cruel” and do not represent the majority of Americans.
She said that it’s like kids being bullied, and all these leaders are doing all they can to damage them, their lives, and their families.
She chastised Republicans for exploiting the rules as a political wedge issue in the country’s continuing culture wars.
The political games and harsh and nasty efforts at laws or regulations that we’re seeing in some areas like Florida do not reflect the country wanting to reject LGBTQ+ populations.
As she prepares to depart the White House in May, Psaki has set up future employment at MSNBC, the cable news network. She has declined to reveal any information about her future employment.
On the other hand, Psaki has recently enhanced her popularity by engaging in more amicable podcast interviews.
Psaki took digs at Fox News in an interview with former Obama administration colleagues, saying the network “can make anyone seem like a foolish son of a bitch,” referring to a period when President Joe Biden shouted at their White House correspondent Peter Doocy.