Jen Psaki Says Biden Won’t Evacuate Americans In Ukraine

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a curious claim on Wednesday about Ukraine, suggesting that the United States government might not help American citizens out of Ukraine because the United States “does not typically do mass evacuations.”

Doesn’t it?

Or is that the rule now that the last mass evacuation ended so catastrophically for the Biden administration?

A reporter pushed Psaki on the potentially imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and reminded her that the White House has already made it clear that there is no plan for any mass evacuations of American citizens.

“And in fact, you and the president and others have suggested that Americans who are in Ukraine should leave now if they can,” the reporter said, before asking what happens to Americans who do get stranded in Ukraine.

Psaki responded, explaining how the federal government has warned Americans for the last several weeks to leave Ukraine, and that those remaining in the country should understand that “the United States does not typically do mass evacuations.”

Here’s a reminder of the last mass evacuation organized by the Biden administration:

Is it any wonder the Biden administration is scared of evacuating American citizens again?

Just think about this, too: the Biden administration has not only botched the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and left thousands of Americans stranded in a country being invaded by terrorists, but now they’re threatening to abandon American citizens in Ukraine, too.

Could things get any worse for President Biden at this point?