Jen Psaki Is Headed To A Liberal “News Network”

( Jen Psaki, a.k.a. Lyin’ Ginger, the former Biden press secretary, said Tuesday that she will be joining the NBC News family.

She gushed on Twitter that sje was thrilled to join the great @MSNBC family this autumn. She said that It’s never been more vital to break down the facts and get to the bottom of what’s driving the problems that matter most to people in this country.

Not simply because the rumors had been circulating for months, but because it was unavoidable.

The only thing keeping these floundering lefties afloat these days is left-wing affirmative action. So it’s definitely not merit.

Psaki served as the voice for the worst president in more than 50 years, maybe a century, before failing upwardly into a sweet-sweet-sweet TV post that would pay her for God knows what?

Symone Sanders, another Biden administration exile, is destroying the ratings. Who wouldn’t want to repeat what has previously been shown to be successful?

Except. Symone Sanders is putting MSNBC and herself in a bad light.

Who is Jen Psaki’s target audience, and can NPR afford to lose her?

When you’re a left-wing fascist, though, ratings don’t matter. It makes no difference how well you perform.

At least until she opens her mouth, Symone Sanders emanates a smidgen of charm.

Walmart checkers have more oomph than Press Secretary Peppermint Patty.

But none of that matters because the world of left-wing affirmative action is all about looking out for one another, making each other rich, pimping each other’s books, handing out golden calf awards to people who didn’t deserve them, slapping each other on the backs and overpaying them for speeches no one wants to hear and waaaay overpaying advances on books no one will read, and the lure of all that easy, filthy blood money in exchange for selling your body.

NBC is interested in gaining access to the White House. For such access, NBC provides the press secretary more money than she could possibly earn in a meritocracy.
For all of that access, NBC also makes it easy for the administration.

Because the Press Sec wants that lovely MSNBC job she’d never get in a meritocracy, she follows all of the rules expected by fascist, left-wing publications like NBC News, including trashing their rivals at Fox News.

If you play by their rules, you’ll get the cash.
All Lyin’ Ginger has to do is what is expected of every other dutiful fellow traveler.

It’s all tainted. It’s all a ruse. Everything is a gigantic circle jerk. So much of it is financed with other people’s money, our money, and the only good news is that it’s all so clear that they can’t mislead us any longer.

You serial failures, we see you.

We don’t have access to infant formula, but look who’s getting rich at NBC!