Jen Psaki Endorses Key Component Of CRT

( The White House has joined the chorus of Critical Race Theory defenders who are maintaining the lie that CRT is nothing more than teaching children about America’s history.

During Friday’s White House Press Briefing, Real Clear News reporter Philip Wegmann brought up the National Education Association’s recent measure calling for the implementation of “culturally responsive education,” and the use of Critical Race Theory and “ethnic studies curriculum” in pre-K to high school as well as higher education.

Wegmann asked Psaki if, since Biden is a “big fan of education” and Jill Biden is a member of a teachers union, what are Biden’s thoughts on “antiracism” curriculum.

Naturally, Psaki shifted direction. Instead of discussing the actual concerns of parents throughout the country about the garbage their children are being fed in school, Psaki claimed that it was all about teaching history.

“Children should learn not just the good,” Psaki prattled, “but also the challenging in our history.”

Yeah, that’s not what this push for Critical Race Theory in schools is about at all.

History is the least taught subject in public schools. Teachers unions aren’t advocating for teaching history; they’re advocating for indoctrinating children in cultural Marxism and anti-Americanism. White students are being forced to humiliate themselves for the crime of being white. What does that have to do with “history?”

But instead of actually addressing concerns from real, living Americans, Psaki dismisses their concerns as a “politically charged” issue.

Just a short time ago these same teachers unions were scoffing at the idea that Critical Race Theory was seeping into public education. Yet now they’re pushing for union-run schools to use this garbage.

The fact is, Joe Biden isn’t a “big fan” of education; he’s a big fan of teachers unions. These are not interchangeable.

For Psaki to be so dismissive of the concerns of American parents might play well in the studios of CNN and MSNBC. But it won’t play well in the country as a whole.

The Democrats and the media are making the exact same mistake with the Anti-CRT movement that they made with the Tea Party Movement in 2010. And with any luck, their callous dismissiveness and snotty insults will have them suffering the same fate in 2022 that they did in 2010.