Jen Psaki Defends Hunter Biden Selling Art Through China Tied Dealer

( In an effort to quash ethics concerns over the sales of Hunter Biden’s alleged “art” through a Chinese-linked gallerist, the White House recently announced that buyers would remain anonymous to even Hunter Biden, and Hunter would not be directly involved in the sales of his so-called “art.”

But this week it was reported that Hunter Biden would be meeting with prospective art buyers at his art exhibitions. This news fueled another round of speculation that Hunter’s “career” as an artist was just another way to sell political influence.

When asked about it at Thursday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied the claims and defended Hunter’s “profession.” Psaki claimed that Hunter would not be discussing the sale of the art in his discussions with those attending the exhibitions.

But discussing the sale of art isn’t at issue here. While he may be a good boy and stick to the promise not to discuss the sale of art, what’s to stop Hunter from discussing political influence peddling?

This is idiotic. Either the White House is deeply naïve or they know Hunter will be using his art as an avenue to selling influence and they don’t care.

Hunter Biden isn’t just like any other child of a president. He isn’t a child. Hunter Biden is an adult who has a long history of profiting off of his father’s name and position by selling access to his father for financial gain.

It is because of this long history that Hunter being poised to earn as much as half a million dollars on his hobby of blowing paint through a straw sends up giant red flags.

Claiming that the White House won’t know who the buyers are doesn’t change the fact that those seeking to curry influence with the President know Hunter Biden is willing to sell access to his father. And those people or entities wouldn’t hesitate to cough up big bucks to buy one of these stupid paintings in order to do so.

On Friday, Psaki was pressed on what procedures are in place to ensure that the buyers remain anonymous. And, again, Psaki’s explanation smacked of deep naïveté.

Not everyone involved has agreed to keep the buyers anonymous. The buyers themselves certainly haven’t agreed. How can they when they are anonymous? What’s to stop one or more of them from contacting Hunter Biden directly and telling him they purchased his straw-paints for big bucks, then asking for favors?

One reporter pointed out to Psaki that nothing is stopping a buyer from directly telling Hunter that he is purchasing art. Psaki skirted the question completely, only reiterated that Hunter will not know who purchases his art.

Nothing in the White House’s naïve plan will stop a single buyer from communicating directly with Hunter. Nor will it be any kind of firewall against influence peddling.

And the White House knows it.