Jeffrey Epstein “Snow White” Emails Found

( Jes Staley, then an executive at JP Morgan, wrote a peculiar email to the pedophile and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in the year after the child abuser was released from prison.

Information on Epstein and Staley’s enigmatic exchanges was published on Wednesday as part of a partially redacted court filing from the U.S. Virgin Islands. It should be noted that once the emails were released, and Staley’s connections to the child trafficker were confirmed, he resigned from his position as CEO of Barclays, where he had been working as a senior executive.

In the action, it is said that between 2008 and 2012, Staley and Epstein exchanged over a thousand emails, many of which included cryptic remarks about Disney characters and Epstein’s apparent acquisition of these figures for Staley.

“That was fun. Say hi to Snow White,”  Staley writes in one email exchange with Epstein.

“What character would you like next?” Epstein writes back. Moreover, the complaint claims that with these emails, Epstein supplied photos of young women striking erotic positions.

When Staley said, in reference to “next time,” “Beauty and the Beast,” Epstein reportedly said, “well one side is available.”

The cryptic messages read like code for illicit conduct, perhaps illegal in the context with children’s fairy tales.

As stated in the lawsuit, JP Morgan had eyes wide open in regards to Epstein’s human trafficking,” as conversations between the two men addressed young ladies or girls recruited by Epstein using the names of Disney princesses.

According to a recent Bloomberg investigation, one victim who wishes to remain anonymous (Jane Doe 1) claims that Staley “personally watched” Epstein’s abuse of her while working at JP Morgan. Staley has denied knowing anything about Epstein’s sexual exploitation of juveniles and women and is not named in any of the lawsuits filed against the bank.