Janet Yellen Sends Urgent Plea To Congress Over Economy

(PatrioticPost.com)- Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is struggling to keep the U.S. economy under control after inflation has proven not to be a short-term problem, and as U.S. national debt just keeps rising thanks to the Democrats’ continued efforts to spend money we don’t have.

Reports suggest that Congress could be heading towards a showdown at the end of summer over the debt ceiling, with Yellen telling members of Congress on Monday that the debt limit must be raised with “regular order,” and not through a reconciliation bill.

What that means is that Congress will need to raise the debt ceiling with a 60-vote majority in Congress, and not through a reconciliation bill that would allow the Democrats to sneak the measure past Congress with a simple majority vote.

Yellen said in a statement that Republicans and Democrats came together to do this duty three times during the last administration, and should do the same thing now.

Suddenly the Democrats are interested in bipartisanship?

Yellen made the statement on the same day that the Senate Democrats put forward their extremist $3.5 trillion plan. The “infrastructure” proposal contains massive funding for various super-woke projects, climate change plans, and non-infrastructure-related projects and could be passed through a reconciliation resolution…meaning the Republicans won’t even get a say on it.

However, Yellen’s latest statement on bringing Democrats and Republicans together on the plan means that the Biden administration appears to be opposed to it. It means that Republicans and Democrats will once again have to bash out a deal, as they did with the first $1 trillion “infrastructure” package, and Biden will praise it as a victory for his leadership.

Republicans opposing increasing the debt ceiling could ultimately result in a government shutdown. The national debt is now well over $28 trillion, and well past the point of being able to be paid back at any point soon.

Aren’t Democrats being dangerously irresponsible with our money at this point?