Jack Dorsey Is Leaving Twitter’s Board Immediately

(PatrioticPost.com)- Reports from Wednesday indicate that Jack Dorsey, a former CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter, will be stepping down from his position on the Board of Directors for the social media behemoth effective immediately.

The decision to leave his position as CEO of the firm was made public by Dorsey in the fall of last year. However, in light of the recent criticism that he has been under due to his support for Elon Musk’s attempt to acquire the firm and his advocacy for free speech, he has decided to stand down from his position immediately.

A controversy erupted earlier this month when it was revealed that Dorsey shared Elon Musk’s view that it was a foolish idea to bar former President Donald Trump from using the social media network.

Musk stated on Tuesday at a conference hosted by the Financial Times that the decision to ban President Trump from using Twitter “was a morally poor move, to be honest, and dumb in the extreme.” Musk was eager to point out that Jack Dorsey, the former CEO, and creator of Twitter, shared his opinion.

Dorsey responded with the words, “I do agree. In general, permanent bans are a failure on our part and do not function; however, there are several exceptions to this rule, like CSE, unlawful activity, spam or network manipulation, etc.”

Musk has said on many occasions that he is aware he does not currently own Twitter. He has made it clear that any potential efforts to reactivate Trump’s account are only speculation at this point.

Musk has said that “this is not like a thing that will absolutely happen.”

Both Musk and Dorsey’s remarks provide answers to issues lurking in the public consciousness since April when Musk made his offer to acquire the platform. Many people have speculated whether or not he will readmit users like Trump. Musk has made it clear more than once that he plans to “unlock” the platform’s potential by relaxing what he considers to be unjust constraints on users’ ability to express themselves freely.