Israeli Prime Minister Vows To Retaliate Against Iran Attack

( Israel’s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has publicly condemned the Jihadist Iranian regime and its supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei following an attack on Israel’s biggest oil tanker. The attack, which took place in international waters, is the latest in a long string of aggressive military actions taken by Iran against Israel as well as Western forces.

During a cabinet meeting held on Sunday, Prime Minister Bennett said that Iran would be held to account for the attack, which took the form of a suicide drone attack on the Mercer Street tanker.

Bennett said that Israel’s intelligence community has proof that Iran was behind the attack, but the Iranian government has insisted that they had no involvement whatsoever. Though, they would say that – the drone attack didn’t just injure and kill Israelis, but also killed a Romanian sailor and a British sailor. The attack was also described as a “provocation” by Iran, possibly because the nation knows that killing a British soldier will hurt any progress with European negotiators working on behalf of the United States government.

In a statement, Bennett said that Iran “threatens peace all over the world” and that it’s time for world leaders to stand together against Iranian aggression.

This is the kind of aggression that led President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal and hit the country with extreme economic sanctions – the very sanctions that President Joe Biden is now looking to lift after the country agrees to re-enter the failed deal.

Bennett also warned that continued aggression from Iran poses a danger to global maritime trade, and said that the country is acting in a “cowardly” manner to shirk responsibility for what happened.

Israel might have a new president, but he at least seems to be just as firm in his stance against Iran as his predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu.