Israeli Politician Calls Out Woke Left’s Alliance With Hamas

As the calendar year of 2023 nears a fast end and the final month of December reaches its midpoint, the majority of Americans are likely focused on the upcoming Christmas holiday celebrations, buying and packaging gifts, and partaking in annual festivities related to the season. In years past in the United States and the Western world at large, the Christmas holiday was long centered around the birth of Jesus Christ and held significant religious and social significance.

Following World War II and the rise of the modern consumerism in American culture that dominates the country in the present, the Christmas holiday increasingly became a spending extravaganza for most citizens of the union. Even today, as rampant inflation crushes working families and a record 60% of Americans are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck, hundreds of millions (if not more) of dollars continue to be spent annually around this time by citizens everywhere. While the sentiments of joy, and good samaritanism still dominate the holiday, Christmas in the present has become a capitalist, corporate celebration that is ultimately a secular celebration for many American citizens.

While Christmas projects sentiments of happiness, in regions outside of the United States things aren’t comfortable. In Eastern Europe a war in Ukraine that has claimed over half a million lives continues to rage on, and Israel battles Islamic terrorists in the Middle East in a fast escalating conflict. Despite the fact that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, many progressive politicians within the Democratic party of federal American politics have been lukewarm to the plight of Israel after they were attacked and invaded by terrorists in early October. College professors and students attending college around the nation have protested in support of Palestine and the terrorist activities. Recently, a British politician who was born in Israel named Fleur Hassan-Nahoum pointed out the antisemitic sentiments of the left in the United Kingdom.