Israel Tries To Delay Controversial Order

( The illegal West Bank Bedouin town of Khan al-Ahmar is being asked to have its demolition put off by the Israeli administration. Israel asserts that the community was unlawfully developed in Area C, the territory under its control that makes up 60% of the West Bank.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled plans to increase Jewish colonies in the parts of the West Bank under Israeli authority, including Khan al-Ahmar. The Israeli government aims to uproot the hamlet and expand nearby Jewish settlements. The Israeli Supreme Court gave the 2018 demolition the go-ahead, but Netanyahu and his predecessors have continued to put it off.

Some of the settlers in Khan al-Ahmar are distressed due to the erratic reports of impending eviction. Maha Ali told the Associated Press, “They say the bulldozers will come tomorrow, next month, or next year.” Our lives are stagnant.

Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reports that Israel has invested more than $23 million on a relocation site for the Khan al-Ahmar inhabitants, where they have already created “infrastructure, roads, power, water, sewage, a health center, and school all on state territory.”

Following U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Israel and Ramallah on Tuesday, Netanyahu requested a further four-month postponement of the evacuation. Destroying and removing Palestinian buildings from Area C, said Blinken, puts a two-state solution “further out of reach.”

The declaration followed a week of violence and terrorism in the area, which included the deadliest West Bank raid in 20 years to hunt down the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, according to the Israel Defense Forces, and the deadliest Palestinian attack on Jerusalem residents since 2008, which killed seven people leaving Friday night services.

When questioned about the concessions he was ready to offer the Palestinians, Netanyahu said, “Well, I’m quite open to giving them all the authority they need to rule themselves. However, none of the potential adversaries pose a danger to us; thus, Israel should be in charge of our country’s primary security.”