Iran Launches Dangerous Nuclear Enrichment Program (REPORT)

( Days after Iranian officials implied that President Donald Trump will be killed in response to the assassination of terrorist leader Gen. Qasem Soleimani, reports suggest that the country has started enriching uranium at 20%. The news means that Iran is well on its way to developing 90% enriched uranium which is required to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Iranian officials announced the news on Monday, describing how they made the technological leap at a research facility in Fordo. It’s a massive jump from previous reports that the Iranian regime had enriched uranium at 4.5%, which is much less than the 90% needed for nuclear weapons, but also much more than the levels agreed in the 2015 nuclear agreement pushed by former President Barack Obama.

It’s yet another example of Iran showing disdain for the West and its intention to develop nuclear weapons. And, as a state that sponsors terrorism, it’s a worrying development.

It’s even more worrying when you consider the very real possibility of Joe Biden becoming the next president of the United States.

Last week, satellite photos published by the Associated Press also revealed new construction taking place at the Fordo research facility, indicating that the Iranian regime may be gearing up to continue enriching uranium at increasing levels until they reach nuclear weapon capability. As it stands, Iran is limited to enriching uranium to 3.5% and cannot enrich any uranium at all at the Fordo site, which can be found inside of a mountain new the city of Qom.

While President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran deal back in 2018, it remains in place with other countries, including Russia, China, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. So far, other Western nations have appeared reluctant to withdraw from the deal, despite Iran repeatedly breaking the rules that give them important sanctions relief.

Any fear that Joe Biden will not stand up to Iran are not unfounded, given that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently said that he has “No doubt” that Joe Biden would rejoin the deal and “bow” to Iran.

That’s exactly what President Trump said Biden would do during the campaign…

But if Iran is already breaking the agreement, what sense would it make for Joe Biden to re-enter it?