Iran Confirmed To Be Launching Plan To Produce More Dangerous Uranium

( It looks like President Joe Biden’s plan to bring Iran back into compliance with the failed 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal isn’t going so well, with reports suggesting that the terrorist-sponsoring state is already in the process of creating enriched uranium metal.

A United Nations watchdog confirmed on Tuesday that the move could mean that Iran is on the verge of creating a nuclear weapon. Iran could be so close to developing a nuclear weapon that talks with three European nations, which is effectively a proxy negotiation for the United States, are now threatened as a result.

The International Atomic Energy Agency revealed the news and explained how Iran claims that the enriched uranium metal was being developed for the purpose of fueling a research reactor…but Iran isn’t exactly a trustworthy ally here.

The United States federal government has called the news an “unfortunate step backwards,” which is the understatement of the year.

European and American officials, who have been negotiating the talks, have said that Iran’s decision to enrich uranium metals could potentially end discussions to bring Iran back into compliance with Obama’s 2015 deal. The same deal that former President Donald Trump tore up because Iran never fully complied with the deal in the first place.

Under the deal, had Iran complied with it, the nation was stopped from developing fissile material that could be used for nuclear weapons, and in return, the United States would lift economic sanctions.

A statement from the UN nuclear watchdog said that Iran informed the agency that uranium oxide which had been enriched up to 20% U-235 would be shipped to an Esfahan Fuel Fabrication Plant’s research and development laboratory. The materials, according to the statement, will be converted to uranium tetrafluoride and then to a uranium metal before it is manufactured into fuel.

How exactly does President Biden think he can navigate around this development without Iran developing a nuclear weapon first?