Investigative Journalist Group Takes On FBI For Raids Protecting The Bidens

( Project Veritas has requested members of Congress to “enforce the Privacy Protection Act.”

This request comes after the FBI searched founder James O’Keefe’s home and office for the suspected theft of Ashley Biden’s journal during the 2020 race. According to O’Keefe’s lawyer, the FBI is leveraging the legal system to intimidate journalists who are critical of President Joe Biden.

After obtaining the journal of Biden’s adult daughter, Ashley, Project Veritas decided not to publish a report regarding the diary’s contents. The diary was discovered in a Florida house and was offered to Project Veritas.

Following Biden’s victory in November 2020, the organization turned the journal over to Florida police. Project Veritas was not engaged in removing the journal from the Florida residence, according to O’Keefe, but a “tipster” gave up the diary and other personal stuff.

Jan Jeffcoat of The National Desk states that there was no crime committed. The freedom of a journalist to publish material taken by a third party is protected by the Supreme Court, as long as the journalist did not engage in the theft.

O’Keefe has stated that Project Veritas handed the diary over to local Florida law enforcement to restore the item to its rightful owner, whomever that was, but they opted not to publish the journal.

Mr. O’Keefe stated that he sought to authenticate the journal but could not verify the claims made in the diary.

He said he did everything an ethical journalist should do, and then FBI investigators invaded his house and his colleague’s home a few weeks later.

“This is unacceptable, and we do not believe any journalist’s house should be searched, and we have requested specific improvements,” O’Keefe stated.
According to O’Keefe, the Justice Department obtained search warrants through Microsoft and confiscated approximately 200,000 emails and other information from Project Veritas. Federal prosecutors fought O’Keefe’s efforts to get the FBI’s electronic devices, and data returned, claiming the government’s conduct violated the First Amendment.

O’Keefe said, “To try to say, I need to see all your source materials as a journalist, I need to see everything you’re working on in order to prove that you didn’t commit a crime. Well, that’s kind of incompatible with the notion of innocent until proven guilty.”

It seems “privacy protection” is “just an act” when it comes to journalists that continually put their thumb in the eyes of the left.