Insider Says FBI Could Be Destroyed If Biden Doesn’t Act

( In an op-ed at Fox News Digital, former Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, who previously served as a special agent of the FBI, warns that if the bureau isn’t fixed now, “we risk irrevocably breaking not only the greatest law enforcement agency in the world, but America’s trust in this invaluable institution.”

To highlight how broken the FBI is, Rogers cites Charles McGonigal, the former special agent in charge of counterintelligence in the New York field office who was indicted last week for his ties to the sanctioned Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Rogers argues that the leadership failures and “lack of accountability at the top” coupled with the appearance that the FBI has been politicized have left the bureau’s “credibility and integrity” in doubt.

Rogers said many Americans have come to see the FBI as an enforcement arm of one party that has been weaponized against Americans with different political beliefs.

Rogers quotes Republicans from the House Judiciary Committee who concluded that the FBI’s problem lies with its “structure that centralizes high-profile cases in DC, in the hands of politicized actors with politicized incentives.”

Rogers writes that it is much like the legal concept known as “fruit from the poisoned tree,” except in this case, it isn’t the evidence but the “cases themselves that are compromised from the start.”

Like many former FBI agents, Rogers argues that not all FBI agents are bad. He maintains that the majority of them are good, but adds that the bad agents “are a stain on the character of the bureau” and an insult to those “who follow the rules, uphold the law, and act with integrity.”

Rogers writes that the only way to ensure the FBI’s survival is “to make common sense common again,” starting at the top.

He also suggests that retiring agents must have a “cooling-off period” before they can consider working for foreign agents” and there should be a review by an ethics and accountability board before they can take such a position.