INCREDIBLE: Biden Takes Credit for TRUMP’S Israel-UAE Peace Deal

( Does Joe Biden have no shame? This week, following the announcement that Israel and the United Arab Emirates had agreed on an historic peace deal facilitated by the Trump administration, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tried to take credit for it.


In an official statement, Biden praised the agreement, which will see Israel and the UAE engage in normal diplomatic relations, as well as establish embassies and ambassadors. Biden claimed that he had laid the groundwork for the agreement to occur, despite the fact that it was based on a peace deal put forward by the Trump administration back in January of this year.

Joe Biden was not Vice President in January of this year.

In the statement, Biden said that he and Senator Kamala Harris, his extremely unlikeable VP pick, will build on the deal if they are elected in November.

“The coming together of Israel and Arab states builds on the efforts of multiple administrations to foster a broader Arab-Israeli opening, including the efforts of the Obama-Biden administration to build on the Arab Peace Initiative,” he claimed. “I personally spent time with leaders of both Israel and UAE during our administration building the case for cooperation and broader engagement and the benefits it could deliver to both nations, and I am gratified by today’s announcement.”

Biden might have spent time with leaders from these nations, but clearly he wasn’t convincing. No such deal was ever agreed during Biden’s time working on negotiations, and it took efforts from President Donald Trump to put forward a more convincing agreement on the tablet for negotiations to move on.

How does Biden think this has anything to do with him?

Not only did Biden fail to facilitate an agreement, there were major stumbling blocks in the way during the Obama administration that meant a deal was literally impossible. Perhaps the biggest reason why it wouldn’t have been possible is because the Obama administration did nothing but criticize the state of Israel, in an attempt to pander to their left-wing base.

Then, there was the Iran nuclear deal. Remember that? It was an agreement that let Iran become a nuclear power after a decade, and didn’t do anything to stop Iran from threatening surrounding Sunni Arab countries.

President Trump tore up that agreement, put forward a new plan, and facilitated an historic peace deal.

Not Biden.