Illegal Migrant Wanted for Murder Found Living In Massachussetts 

Since President Joe Biden entered the oval office in 2021, things have been tumultuous in the United States. Indeed, since the commencement of the 46th commander in chief’s term, America has faced increasing problems at the domestic and international levels. Rampant inflation peaked in 2022, reaching levels not witnessed in 40 years. 60% of the nation is estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have crossed the southern border since early 2021. Biden reversed many of the former president Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies that had been appearing to be working at the commencement of his presidency. 

The southern border is porous, and millions of illegal migrants have entered the country since 2021. One of these was arrested in Missouri for stabbing two at a laundromat. The crisis is a humanitarian catastrophe for those involved. A federal judge recently handed down severe sentences to three siblings who smuggled illegal migrants into America. These migrants were forced to work for the family and the young girls were violently and sexually abused. Americas major urban centers like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and other metropolitan regions have been flooded will migrants. Taxpayers have often been forced to provide food, housing, and clothing to these individuals at their own expense after state governments have authorized public funds to be allocated to assist these foreigners. This is occurring at a time in which the average American struggles with rampant inflation and costs continue to spiral to exorbitant levels.

In the state of Massachusetts, an illegal migrant was recently discovered after arriving from the Dominican Republic. This migrant was wanted for murder and first entered the nation in 2015 through a temporary visa. It is thought the individual left and then re-entered the nation illegally through the Mexican border at a later date. In late June, he was apprehended for violating larceny charges, and faces deportation.